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Welcome to my archive programming contest problems. Most of these problems sets came from the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, but I have added a few that I just found interesting. There are a number of archives like this on the web, but this is the only one where everything is in HTML and looks good in a browser--no Acrobat Reader, ghostview, or Word needed.

Some of these are copied from official ACM sites, some were transcribed form hardcopy, some reformatted from text extracted from PostScript files. Numerous spelling errors and output errors were fixed, so I can't really say these are exactly the problem sets ACM supplied.

I don't have solutions for all the problems. If I have a solution for a problem, there will be a link to the source code on the problem page. Note to students: I'm posting these problems so that you can challenge yourself by working out the solutions on your own, and become a better programmer. Don't ask me to do your homework for you.

I'm always adding new problems to this archive, so if you find a problem set from an ACM programming contest or other major contest, please give me a pointer to it or send it to me. My e-mail address is . Of course, if you find any errors in the pages (formatting, correctness, program code, or otherwise) please let me know. BTW, I apologize for this being a relatively boring looking web site. I'm a programmer, not a graphic artist, and I like pages that load quickly :).

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