Mount Tam ride

This was a nice little ride that Aydin, Lovisa, and I took on November 2, 2002. We started at Lovisa's place in San Francisco.

Heading over the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin.
PB020030 PB020031
PB020032 PB020034
We climbed the big hill on the left after you cross the bridge. I don't know what it's named, but the view is great.
PB020036 PB020037
It was a long climb up to the top of Mount Tam, but we made it!
Looking down on Mill Valley.
PB020040 PB020041
Here's where things got interesting. We didn't plan the ride time very well, and by the time we were leaving Mill Valley it was getting dark fast.
Aydin and Lovisa did the sensible thing and took a ferry and a cab to get home. I pressed on in the dark, no headlight, no blinker.
I took these pictures as I was returning on the Golden Gate Bridge.
PB020045 PB020046 PB020048