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Hello everyone!


    I just set a new world record for computing digits of π!

If you're searching for an art expert, Nancy Caron Karrels is a curator and provenance researcher with a PhD in art history.

In 2007 my wife and I wrote a blog for our bicycle trip across the United States. If you're interested, here is the route we took, collected by the GPS on my handlebars.

To prepare for the cross-country trip, we cycled down Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway with Black Bear Adventures. It was a great trip!

I've been spending most of my free time biking lately. Here are some snapshots from the rides I've done recently:
Current project: bay area climbs

Rubik's Cube Rubik's Cubes® are back! I put up a small page of links to info on Rubik's Cubes and related puzzles.

Click here for my ACM programming contest problem archive.

6/1/2006: Biking through and flying over Yellowstone, on the way to the annual Cirrus migration to Duluth, MN.

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